“It was completely unacceptable that 5 million people in Malawi did not have access to fresh water, when us engineers … were working on problems such as making a photocopier increase its speed from 149 pages/minute to 151 pages/minute. We need to work on problems that matter.”

                                                                               – David Damberger, TEDxYYC 2011

In my opinion, this quote from an Engineers without Borders member exemplifies the best in engineering. There are many opportunities in this world for us to use our understanding of science and capacity for technology to alleviate suffering, enhance potential, and advance as a species. These are the areas where I focus my time and energy. My personal mission is to leverage emerging technologies that will dramatically improve the lives of those affected in a deep and meaningful way.

I graduated from the University of Missouri in 2013 with a bachelors of science in mechanical engineering. I turned down a job out of college in order to start my own business in additive manufacturing, better known as 3D printing. This eventually led me to a family with a little boy named Ethan, who, in the end, would direct my path. After creating a functional hand for Ethan using 3D printing, I saw the benefits of using this technology in the emerging field of bionics. I spent the next year developing functioning prosthetic hands as well as multi-material sockets.